Torchbearers for Christ
Tuesday, February 20, 2024
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Weekly Devotions

  1. Obedience – The key to your miracle

  2. The God of the abundance

  3. Are you a giver?

  4. Is It Your Assignment?

  5. Does He dwell in your house?

  6. To which party do you belong? 

  7. Hanging on the WORDS of Jesus

  8. Not a proverb, not a byword but a testimony

  9. The Life Giver

  10. An Inordinate request

  11. According to the Scriptures... 

  12. Even your enemies shall be your friends

  13. God will give you much more

  14. Lets do it God's way

  15. You’ve Got Divine Protection

  16. God, Are You There?

  17. Happy Mother’s Day

  18. He works all things out for our good

  19. Jesus, The Life Changer

  20. Pride Comes Before a Fall

  21. True Religion vs False Religion

  22. Whose report will you believe?

  23. Do you trust Him?

  24. The Anchor Holds In spite of the Storm

  25. As Pure as Gold 

  26. God has a plan for You 

  27. What are you looking at?

  28. Behold, the Lamb of God

  29. Grab it and believe it

  30. The Gift of the Holy Spirit

  31. Do you want to get well?

  32. Your times are in His hands 

  33. What are you in need of?

  34. He has your life in His hand

  35. No extra baggage

  36. What is your motive?   

  37. He chooses the least likely

  38. Have you inquired of the Lord?     

  39. You can run but you can’t hide

  40. I’ve got news for you

  41. Do you know Him?

  42. The Reason For The Season

  43. The Abundant (Overflowing) Life

  44. In Pursuit of the Master

  45. I can't turn back now!!!!

  46. Fear Not !

  47. Where are the godly?

  48. The Great Physician desires to heal you 

  49. He will turn it around

  50. There is Power in Agreement 

  51. A Once and For All Sacrifice

  52. Its good to serve Him  

  53. Trust in no one but the Lord 

  54. Are you making Him known?

  55. Do you love Him? 

  56. The Anchor Holds In spite of the Storm 

  57. Do not envy the prosperity of the wicked.

  58. Keys To The Kingdom 

  59. God’s got the Strategy  

  60. A Father's Heart

  61. How big is your vision?

  62. Hold on till the end

  63. The wicked shall not prevail over you

  64. It pays to serve the Lord in your youth

  65. Evil company corrupts good morals